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Marine is currently enrolled with Alex Taylor - Sanford Meisner's latest trained student - at the Taylor Studio. She is also following the UCLA TFT Acting for the Camera Professional Program. Marine has also done a lot of improvisation work. Marine also studied acting at the Cours Florent in Paris and co-founded The Acting Hub, Doha's only acting class for adults.

Her former projects are all listed on this page and her resume is available here. As a fan of the art, Marine also writes about acting and movies in her blog. She also started writing and producing and is currently post-producing her first webseries, Digital Nomads.

She is fluent in French, English and German (although German is a little rusty). She also learned Mandarin Chinese, and speaks a bit of Arabic and Portuguese.

She worked both in English and French on several projects requiring a wide range, be it drama, comedy, virtual reality or even improv-centered work or roles requiring dancing, and she is keen on anything related to self-expression.


Born and raised in Paris, France, Marine traveled to over 60 countries across 4 continents. She is currently based in the United States (Los Angeles) but also works in France (Paris) and South Africa (Cape Town). She previously also lived in Congo (Brazzaville) and Qatar (Doha).

Marine initially planned on becoming an Economist and holds a Master's Degree from the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris Saclay (ex-ENS Cachan) and Paris I La Sorbonne University. She worked in fields as varied as statistical development, food & beverage, diplomacy or cybersecurity.

Marine is a Muay Thai (thai kickboxing) aficionado. She also practices aerial trapeze, ashtanga yoga, kite surfing and skiing.

Finally, be it through joking around, talking politics, writing, eating or dancing, Marine is a true amateur of the art of living, the art of being!


Interview for TVSeriesHub

In an interview with, Marine George speaks about her career & projects.

Chosen moments:

"There are as many (forms of) feminism as there are feminists. For myself, I believe it means giving the power to women to live the life they want the way they want to. We still face too many obstacles."
"People are tired of seeing the plastic & glitter but there is a new trend – which I am a part of – where we are looking for honesty and more generosity."
"Try to follow your dreams but don’t forget to live life and take the time you need. Don’t feel bad for not doing everything in one day."
"It’s been a very interesting experience to watch movies [...] which don’t involve nudity or sex. It [...] made me realize the prevalence of sex is in the Western film industry, and what it implies for the perception of women."

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