Marine George


Marine George is a French actress based in Los Angeles. She also works in Paris and Cape Town.

Marine has taken part in multiple projects, be it theater, film & TV work, or new media such as webseries and virtual reality.

She recently starred in the Cosomopolitan Magazine-featured play Othello: A Woman’s Story, an all-female contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragedy, set in a prison and aiming at raising awareness on racism & LGBT issues. Her other projects are detailed here.

She is currently working on post-production for the webseries Digital Nomads, which she wrote, produced and starred in.


Video clips

Marine has been part of several film and TV projects. Watch some of her clips to get a sense of her acting style.

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In the news

From Cosmopolitan South Africa to NY Elite Magazine, her projects have been featured all around the world.

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Commercial portfolio

Marine’s alluring features and amusing gestures make her your perfect commercial model, be it for lifestyle or video projects.

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Marine as Bianca

Projects & resume

Working both on screen and on stage, Marine actively trains to always provide truthful, endearing performances.

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If you are passionate about films from all around the world and love some witty political stances, you will definitely want to read and engage with Marine’s articles.

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Since she shifted her career towards acting in 2017, Marine has already played in more than 10 short films, a feature film and a play. She is also the lead of a TV series project and she has written and produced her own webseries.



Marine has been praised for her natural way of acting. She takes pride in her versatility and enjoys being challenged, be it to play an anarchist prostitute, a mentally-challenged woman or a quirky coroner.



Marine has a love for life and people. Her curiosity led her to travel across 60 countries and live in 4 continents. She also writes and hopes that her acting career will lead her to connect on a deep level with the joys and struggles of the human kind.

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Marine abandonned her entire life to pursue her passion, more than once. She considers fear a challenge and never looks back on her choices. She carries a confidence and a determination which inspire her peers and transpire on screen.