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Mish Mash Media Productions will stage an all-female production of Shakespeare’s Othello, from 23 June – 08 July at Galloway theatre and the Drama Factory respectively.  The play is set in a modern-day female prison with no male characters, the first of its kind for Shakespeare in South African theatre.

Cast & Crew

Othello: Annitha Judith Kontyo
Iago: Regina R. Malan
Desdemona: Candice Burgess
Cassio: Leku Dube-Rudling
Emilia: Lizanne Peters
Roderigo: Tash Futeran
Bianca: Marine George
Senator: Tara Dominique Macpherson

Directors: Adolph J. De Beer and Regina R. Malan

Producers: Mish Mash Media Productions

About Mish Mash Media Productions

Mish Mash Media Productions was founded by Adolph De Beer and Regina R. Malan in 2017. The aim of the company is to fill a gap in the theatre scene by highlighting LGBTQ themes and characters in 80% of their productions, empowering those who they feel still have no voice. Using a blend of technology and live performances, the company merges different mediums of art to tell real stories.

The first Mish Mash Media production titled “Because It’s Okay” staged in February 2018, was a multi-media experience that explored the struggles that the LGBTQ community still face today, using poetry, classical and pop music, singing and performance, photography and video.

Othello: A Women’s Story, is Mish Mash Media Production’s second show to be staged.

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